Private Room Rentals

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Ups N’ Downs has two private party rooms upstairs. One, which is located directly at the top of the stairs has a magnificent view of the St. Clair River and Port Huron, Michigan. It can sit up to 40 people and is quite popular as a place to hold a private party while still enjoying that “out in public” experience.

The other room is totally private and comes equipped with a 60” HD PLASMA television, dvd player, satellite tv and wired for laptop power point presentations. It can sit 50 people.

So whether its a Christmas party, a birthday, a family get-together, a stag and doe, think of Ups N’ Downs. Whatever the occasion, Chef Tony can customize your menu, be it just munchies or a full formal sit down dinner, we can do it all.



Our television room lends itself particularly well to business type functions. Whether its an out of the office social gathering or a working lunch/meeting, this room has it all. We can customize a menu to suit your needs and afford you that top drawer level of service that Ups N’ Downs is known for, while still respecting your need for privacy.

The 60” PLASMA television screen comes equipped with a DVD player, digital satellite TV, a monster surround sound system, and is wired specifically for laptop power point presentations. The room can sit up to 50 people comfortably and is totally private. Call 336-007 today to reserve this room for your next business function.